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Dutch Design Week: Report

Dutch Design Week Report During the Dutch Design Week, I got the chance to view a live stream performance, participated in a panel talk, and visited several virtual exhibitions (including the Design Academy Eindhoven’s graduation shows). I am very excited about the interactive experience and cross-cultural projects (such as interactive installations, interaction design, experience design).Continue reading “Dutch Design Week: Report”

Dutch Design Week: Selected Venues

Dutch Design Week: Selected Venues 1. IN CASE – Special https://ddw.nl/en/programme/3175/in-case-special In collaboration with the Dutch Design Week 2020, United Cowboys presents a live stream performance, based on the durational piece In Case. Dancer, performer Conor Doherty, will perform in an inflatable “Bubble”, only separated from the outside world by a thin plastic balloon andContinue reading “Dutch Design Week: Selected Venues”


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