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Reading Response: Lars Spuybroek

I find Lars Spuybroek’s “The Sympathy of Things” extremely intriguing as he talks about computation / coding / weaving / structural pattern design through a fluid, temporal, and humane perspective. According to Spuybroek, the repetitive mechanical process contains a rhythm as much as an order, and that pattern with “continuous changefulness” will reorganize itself andContinue reading “Reading Response: Lars Spuybroek”

International Workshop Day 5

Finally after burning some midnight oil… it’s the Presentation day! Super proud of what we’ve accomplished for the visual team in one night. Speculative software and hardware prototype (made in 12 hours!) https://room.arimitb.com/ Super impressed with other group’s project! Waves of meeting project description: “This concept is based off the way the railroad industry measuresContinue reading “International Workshop Day 5”


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